The island

Our island of 43 acres, is situated in the complex of Echinades islands located northwest of the Achelous river’s delta, found in the Ionian Sea. The geomorphology of Sofiaia island could be characterized by its limestone rock formation, wherein its shoreline you find beautiful Jagged rocks.

In the main land of the island, you will find three hills with the highest peak reaching 30 meters above sea level. Apart from rock, the island is covered by a forest of wild Cedar trees which allows you to relax and admire the view under their shade. Due to its rocky form, there are no beaches, however, there are naturally formed unique spots, where you can easily dive and explore its underwater beauty.

For those who want easy access to swim, there are man-made steps. An important natural feature that nature created, is the plunge pool, where water is replenished constantly by the sea and you can cool yourself on a warm day.

Right above the plunge pool, following the rocky steps you will find a unique shelter the “Kaiki”, an old Samian fishing boat.

The island, is located in a region which is under environmental protection law of the National park of Messolonghi lagoon-Aetolikou (Limnothalassa mesolongiou), the banks of Evinos and Achelous rivers and Echinades islands where it belongs, its protected by the Natura 2000 network. On the north Echinades we find the dwellings of seals, sea birds and European shag. On the mountain regions we can find eagles, rock partridge and wild rabbits. Moreover, because Nissos Sofiaia belongs to the greater area of the national park of Messolonghi Lagoon, is also protected by the RAMSAR convention established in 02/02/1971.

Our history

Once upon a time, but not far from today, an extraordinary man who goes by the name of Socrates, our grandfather, envisioned himself living on an uninhabited Island, maybe inspired by Robinson Crusoe from the novel of Daniel Defoe. To repose, to escape from the fast-paced life in the city. He wanted an island in Greece, whereas we all know promises beautiful summer vacations, where the ancient past is merged with our present.

He made his vision, real.

From that day of the realization, we as a family, since we were young, we experienced life in this unique and wild place. The day came for us to share this experience with you, wild people who love nature and are seeking to escape from your hectic lives, through the holidays.

The myth

In Ancient Greece it was believed that Echinades islands were once nymphs of the river god achelous. Those beautiful maidens resided on the shores of the river, often offering sacrifice to other gods and forgetting to honor him in the same manner. Achelous was made furious and decided to punish them for their ignorance. He flooded their dwellings and forced them into the sea. Thus the Echinades Islands were formed, from the dwellings of the maidens.